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Jewish Music

Songs of our Fathers is Jewish mandolin at its best!  David Grisman (yes founder of the Dawg style of mandolin playing) and Andy Statman play Eastern European classics on the mandolin.  This instrumental recording is sure to please mandolin lovers, fans of the Grateful Dawg collaboration and anyone who likes soulfully played Jewish music.  Available at

Abayudaya :  Music from the Jewish People of Uganda reminds me of one of my favorite Paul Simon solo albums Graceland.  This is a “unique collection of African-Jewish music in which the rhythms and harmonies of Africa blend with Jewish celebration and traditional Hebrew prayer.”  Available at

 Are you looking for more Jewish meditation music?  Tiferet :  Jewish Chants for Meditation is just the cd for you.  This collection of Jewish meditation music is a perfect way to enhance your own spiritual practice and is a great cd to unwind with at the end of the day.  Available at

Okay, maybe you are looking for something contemporary, but not quite so contemporary as YIDcore, Steven Bernstein’s  Diaspora Soul is not to be missed.  Steve Bernstein brings his sensibilities as a Afro-Cuban Jazz musician to reinterpret Jewish classics  like Rock of Ages, Let My People Go and Manishtana (the four questions).  This instrumental album is available at

Top 5 Jewish CD Picks for December

A Hanukka Celebration

Traditional/Classic  If you’re looking for something nice to play while frying your latkes, this is it.  A fine collection of the classics with spirited performances by the New London Children’s Choir (amongst others) oh, and Zavel Zilberts’ Di Khanike Likht is not to be missed.

Hip Hop Shabbat

Hip Hop  Word to your Imah, this group of OJGs has great flow.  This is a must have if you are looking for a way to get your little Shmulie to finally learn all the words to the Kiddush.  If you are looking to represent the East Side (well, at least the lower East Side) check ‘em out.

Light These Lights :  Debbie Friedman sings Chanukah songs for the whole family

Classic Debbie Friedman and her Guitar  The title says it all.  If you love Chanukah songs and you love Debbie Friedman then this is the CD for you.  A perfect CD for those long car rides to Bubbe’s when all the radio stations are playing non-stop songs dedicated to that “other” December holiday.


Jewish Heavy Metal  Yes, that’s right—these Jews can rock!  Looking to put the hammer back into your Chanukkah, then this supercharged metal band is for you.  Remember, if you need that extra push over the cliff…this one goes to 11.  It's one louder.


Jewish Punk  Ever wonder what Fiddler On the Roof  would sound like if instead of Theodore Bikel, Teva was played by Joey Ramone?  Me either, but besides getting into lawsuits with Adam Sandler, this group of nice Jewish boys sure can make a lot of noise.  Their most recent Fiddlin' On Ya Roof/ Eighth Day Slice is an experience.

High Holy Day music samples

Barchu (:29)                          Mi Chamocha (:27)             

Chatzi Kaddish (1:52)             Zochreinu (:48)                     G'vurot (1:39)

Hashiveinu (1:34)                  Adonai Adonai (1:07)             Yaleh (2:18)

Areshet S'fateinu (2:08)          Hayom Hayom (:37)               U'tshuvah (:29)

Brosh HaShanah (:51)            Avinu Malkeinu (:55)               L'shana Tova Tikatavu (:25)      

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