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We hope that these pages encourage you to visit us and experience first hand the loving community of Anshe Tikvah.

Click on the links below for a ta’am (a taste) of Anshe Tikvah. 

We are a caring community of learners dedicated to the living practice of relevant, dynamic and Progressive Judaism which stresses the all-embracing character of Judaism and the Jewish people through Tikkun Olam, the freedom of Jewish self-expression and life long learning.

We believe that a living congregation must  experience directly the joys and responsibilities of Jewish life.   Our tradition teaches us that there are many pathways to holiness and at Anshe Tikvah we recognize that each and every person follows their own holy path.  Judaism is a way of life that  offers us personal and group fulfillment, not only in  formal worship, but in all of our experiences. We seek to sanctify time through the joyful celebration of life, not only in the congregation, but in the home and in our daily interactions.  Our job, as a community, is to support each other as we strive to grow spiritually, socially, educationally and culturally.

Thank you for your interest in Anshe Tikvah.   


Rob Jury, Spiritual Leader 

More than the Jewish People have kept Shabbat, it is Shabbat that has kept the Jewish People.                                                          

Achad Ha’am

Questions?  Please call 847-917-7726 or email Ros Wolfe
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