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Thursday Hebrew School and Sunday Mitzvah School and Midrasha will be virtual until it is safe to meet in person once again. Please contact Judy Jury for more information or click access Online Registration form

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Saturday: 8pm, Havdallah - Join!


Sunday:  8pm, Healing service - Join!


Monday:  7:30pm, Torah Study - Join!


Tuesday: 8:00pm, Social Hour with Ros - Join!


Wednesday 12:00pm, Lunch & Learn - Join!


Thursday: 9:00-9:45am, Morning Meditation - Join!


Friday:  6:30pm, Kabbalat Shabbat - Join!

Congregation Anshe Tikvah is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new facility.  The Kleiman Campus for Jewish Hope and Healing, at 3320 Dundee Road in Northbrook, IL., includes a 7,200 square foot building that will house Congregation Anshe Tikvah and The Tikvah Center for Jewish Healing and Recovery.


The Tikvah Center will provide mental health services, recovery, and spiritual counseling for individuals, couples, families, and small groups in a spiritually and culturally affirming setting.


The Kleiman Campus designation recognizes the significant funding contribution made by Ron and Ann Kleiman to Anshe Tikvah, NFP and their support for the mission of the organization.

The Board of Jewish Education of Metropolitan Chicago, which has occupied the building for the last 20 years, will continue to operate from The Kleiman Campus.


As explained by Cantor Rabbi Rob Jury, spiritual leader of the congregation, “Anshe Tikvah means People of Hope.”   Furthermore, “In addition to the typical activities of a Jewish synagogue,  the Tikvah Center we will be highly focused on helping people in recovery from addictions involving substances and non-substance related  behaviors.  Our approach to healing and recovery is rooted in Jewish teachings and the belief that healing and recovery are possible.”


Rabbi Jury plans to stream services from the new location immediately.   The community will be invited when health care guidance suggests that groups can once again meet safely. 

Anshe Tikvah is honored to have been entrusted with MST #1502 Orphan Scroll

What Is an Orphan Scroll?  This does not have an easy answer.In 1942, curators in the Central Jewish Museum in Prague, sent out a call to the Jews in the regions of Bohemia and Moravia, Czechoslovakia, to send their Judaica and artifacts to the museum for safe keeping. After the defeat of the Nazis, the scrolls were taken to The Michle Synagogue, near Prague, where they remained for twenty years.In 1964, after the establishment of The Memorial Scrolls Trust, the scrolls were taken to the Westminster Synagogue in London where they are housed and cared for. 

A small museum in Kent House displays the work of the Trust and tells the history of the scrolls. Of the 1,564 scrolls, 216 lost their identity and could not be traced to any community. They became known as the “orphan scrolls.


When Anshe Tikvah was first established, we applied for and were accepted to adopt Orphan Scroll #1502.  In memory of the communities that Orphan Scroll #1502 represents, Anshe Tikvah has adopted the Czech cities of Straznice and Knezdub.In 1997, two of our members, Phyllis & Bob Felsenberg, who were connected to the Czech Republic traveled there. They collected many artifacts and photographs of the synagogues and cemeteries and donated them to Anshe Tikvah.


We show honor to Orphan Scroll #1502 as all our B’nai Mitzvah read from the Torah. Many of our student’s great grandparents are survivors of the Holocaust.We offer worship services at many Assisted Living and Nursing Homes throughout the year.  Residents that are survivors of the Holocaust are very touched to see Scroll #1502.We are honored and privileged that Scroll #1502 has been entrusted to us. Just as we have done in the past, throughout the coming years, we will continue to honor the memories connected to Orphan Scroll #1502 during Shabbat and Yizkor services and on Yom HaShoah.


For information on “Czech Torah” The Memorial Scrolls Trust visit http://www.memorialscrollstrust.org.